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"Don't Only Practice Your Art, but force your way into it's Secrets for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine." - Ludwig van Beethoven

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28 November 2019, Article
Op. 1 Cantabile No. 1 in ?
November 28th, 2019 I have ended up deleting what i wrote thus far. I am also gonna change the key as well as the story of what is going on. I already decided on the key, but I will keep it a mystery until it is fully complete. The only hint I can ...
06 November 2019, Article
A New Update on Life (Edited November 22, 2019)
My Future Plans on life... with a simple Explaination. So, i have deleted all my electronic works. (i am keeping them in my personal files, i may transcribe them at some point.) I'll be getting a digital piano by the end of the year. Which I will ...
E.S. Capeditiea

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Cantabile No.0 in D Minor (Redacted), WoO
XII: Finale: My Destiny, CC019
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XI: This, CC018
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