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"Don't Only Practice Your Art, but force your way into it's Secrets for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine." - Ludwig van Beethoven

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You can obtain all Capeditiea's Electronic Music and MIDI things through exploring this link. Be mindful you will need an unzip program on your computer.

All the CC works, will be mp3s instead of zip files.




23 April 2019, Article
An Update on Life. (Updated: May 7th, 2019)
My Future Plans for music... with a simple Explaination. CC010 Symphony No. 1 in D# Minor (for two reasons. 1. it is rare for a symphony to be in this key. 2. because that just so happens to be the key the second movement is in for the original ...
30 March 2019, Article
What I Think of DAW and MIDI Composers
So, popular belief is that composers who use DAW or MIDI is kinda like cheating. Here is how i see it, it is more a trial and error experience. Not entirely cheating, i have a clear idea of how the music i compose would sound. Also with the proper ...
E.S. Capeditiea

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Piano Trio No.1 in D Minor, CC009
Classical / Chamber music
Sonata for Cello and Piano in Bb Minor, CC008
Classical / Sonata
VII: Xeper, CC007
Classical / Incidental music