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"Don't Only Practice Your Art, but force your way into it's Secrets for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine." - Ludwig van Beethoven

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07 April 2020, Article
Covid19 Concerns
I hope everyone here is doing okay.
22 January 2020, Article
The Year 2020 (updated: 4/26/20)
I haven't been around a lot lately. Though I have been studying, practicing, and such. I will catagorize the upcoming one's as this. Improv albums and Avant Garde albums are located at Capeditiea's Catalog and With out Opus Numbers will have ...
E.S. Capeditiea

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Piano Quartet in E Major (Finished), CC027
Classical / Chamber music
Symphonic Poem in G Minor, CC026e
Classical / Arrangement
Wind Quartet in G Minor, CC026d
Classical / Arrangement