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"Don't Only Practice Your Art, but force your way into it's Secrets for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine." - Ludwig van Beethoven

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12 dezembro 2020, Artigo
Namesake (Revision and Decision)
So the work consists of seven pieces. (six single movement works, and Piano Sonata No. 1) A few of these you can obtain through the site already which i will signify with an asterisk. I'll describe a few things per piece on various qualities. ...
30 março 2019, Artigo
What I Think of DAW and MIDI Composers
So, popular belief is that composers who use DAW or MIDI is kinda like cheating. Here is how i see it, it is more a trial and error experience. Not entirely cheating, i have a clear idea of how the music i compose would sound. Also with the proper ...
E.S. Capeditiea

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Clássico / Música de Câmara
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Clássico / Música de Câmara