30 Mrz 2019

What I Think of DAW and MIDI Composers

(not only because i am one of them. but because it is different perspective.)

So, popular belief is that composers who use DAW or MIDI is kinda like cheating.

Here is how i see it, it is more a trial and error experience. Not entirely cheating, i have a clear idea of how the music i compose would sound. Also with the proper idea in the mind, the music just kinda pops out. Yet, since i am an Outsider; i have no other trial and error option but to do so.

To be truthful, I do write out the basic idea for the piece i am working on, then listen to how accurate it is. (which is relatively close most of the time.) I then go and expand the accompaniment, and give a few flourishes here and there. this is when i go all crazy and listen to it with each and every change. (just like how it would be performed. (aside from it being from the beginning. rather than different phrases.) i tend to not change much beyond this, this ends up being the first day or step of the piece.

the second day consists of working on the dynamics, slurs, legato, etc. after this i usually move on to the next movement.

however, lately i have decided to do much more than this with Capeditiea's Catalogue. :3

Currently, as i am working on "Tale of the Bird" i am going far beyond anything i have done before. I am implementing not only all that i have learned, but also implimenting the original ideas for the works that are arrangements of one or more opera. the reason i didn't use original ideas were because i was trying to fit in with the common practices.

Now as you may already know, from various articles. (even the deleted ones.) Tale of the Bird will be the last one i compose for a while. since i require a viola, piano, violin, and cello. (obtaining in order of appearance.) But i require to escape this cage since i wouldn't beable to effectively practice them here. *nods,

I do have one request, that if i do ever muster up enough courage to perform this, it would be the viola. and probably the piano for Outsider. (since i cannot fully write it, either because i don't know how to notate a certain quality... i did the quality with Piano Madness improv... so if you recognize the similarities of Piano Madness in Outsider, that is probably what i was aiming for.

This, is the Greatest Song in the World. is not really a gigue. :3 but a polystylistic scherzo. (there is a reason why this is called this... i will write a little story to fit into this context in my next article. "Tale of the Bird" A Contemporary Fairie Tale)

So what really inspired Tale of the Bird?

a few things.

The first was the sorrows i had when i decided to leave Op. 23 unfinished, and do something to get me out of this cage, combined with this site's top ten most known works. (although i don't like Saint Saens...)

The original idea was just Bird Trapped in a Cage. and put it out for 600USD. but decided that would be too steep of a price and asking far too much for it. LOL

Shortly after completing the first draft, (or the idea with the accompaniment and little variation.) I revisited Hisaishi's Mononoke Hime Symphonic Suite. It is one of the five works that have captivated me enough to be inspired.

At this time comparing Hisaishi's Mononoke Hime Symphonic Suite with the Top Ten (in order of their number via listening to.) It kinda sparked this idea, to go even further. Stravinsky's Song of the Nightingale, Sorabji's Jami Symphony, Fanny Mendelssohn's Piano Trio, Dvorak's New World Symphony, Beethoven's Fifth Piano Concerto and his Ghost Trio, Albinoni's Op. 7 No. 2, 5, 7, and 12, Felix Mendelssohn's Nagy, and Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings. (along with a bunch more this would be a long "lizst.")

Which in response i decided to make it into a 7 movement suite. which is kinda a "play" on the similarities of an opera and a ballet. :3



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