• 12 Dez 2020, Artikel
  • Namesake (Revision and Decision)
  • So the work consists of seven pieces. (six single movement works, and Piano Sonata No. 1) A few of these you can obtain through the site already which i will signify with an asterisk. I'll describe a few things per piece on various qualities. 1. Immortality This was originally the Fanfare "My Immortality Begins" though i transcribed and arranged it into a sonata form. And changed the key signature to C Minor. I took out some of the impossible parts to play on a piano, the second part of ...
  • 30 Mrz 2019, Artikel
  • What I Think of DAW and MIDI Composers
  • So, popular belief is that composers who use DAW or MIDI is kinda like cheating. Here is how i see it, it is more a trial and error experience. Not entirely cheating, i have a clear idea of how the music i compose would sound. Also with the proper idea in the mind, the music just kinda pops out. Yet, since i am an Outsider; i have no other trial and error option but to do so. To be truthful, I do write out the basic idea for the piece i am working on, then listen to how accurate it is. (which is ...
  • 12 Jan 2018, Artikel
  • My First Blog thingy
  • So, as you may have known, Classical Music has been around for quite some time. Lately, I have become inspired to make some my self... I have done a bunch of music these past 6 years. So I shall start on the chronological events that took place for me and music. It was back in the year, 1994. (Ironic how that is probably the best year in the 90's for music a lot of epics came out around then.) I wanted to play the Trombone for school band, thanks to my cousin, (whom I looked up to was a Tombone ...