27 Dec 2018


Simply some random thoughts of my first Piano Concerto... and the year of 2019.

irst off, I want to make this one a suprize for all to experience this.

I will not give much information upon the structure. However, I am working on the second movement.

Secondly, this piece is to never be recorded. I want to promote a variation of the cadenza to the whims of the pianist. Since it will bring it's true beauty into shape. It is a very individualistic piece. To the point it could very well be a Concerto Grosso... yet, it is not... :D

Now, I wasn't planning on doing this until the year 2020... Which would be devoted to Piano Concerto No. 1, Symphony No. 2, a Ballet of an unknown name, two piano sonatas, and a serenade for strings...

So instead, i moved Piano Concerto No. 1 in Eb Major to Op. 19. as the first piece of 2019.

My goal is to get up to Op. 23 by the end of the year... (since the upcoming works will be as followed.)

Op. 20 Capeditiean Octet No. 1 (which has the same instrumentation of "The Capeditiean Epoch." Yes, I have coined an Octet. As far as I know, I have not seen any composition that uses the exact instruments. And I have looked around... even here...)

Op. 2b Suite for Strings "Yearning for the World of Music" (changed from Symphonic Suite.)

Op. 21 (haven't decided yet)

Op. 22 Symphony No. 2 "Classical"

Op. 23 Piano Quintet in E Minor.

So in the end, 2019 will be a pretty big year for me... (kinda changes the poem's representation...)

My other goal is to be known in the music communities by 2020.

:3 I am not your average contemporary composer. LOL i am gonna go through every epoch before i am satisfied. (I am kinda pairing the Classical and Romantic epochs this time around, with various avant garde works... (Op. 23 will be really avant garde. while the others will be more formal. I mean as a composer, I do want to screw around a bit. :D Which I will also be doing some non-classical music... even though now my mind has been corrupted to the point of no return on sounding more wowified. Corruption can be a good thing, specifically in this case...)

Recently, I have dived into Lizst and Mozart. I was trying to avoid mozart as much as possible... for as long as possible... since well... the fans of Mozart seem to be more strange than me. (don't get me wrong... i mean for some reason i relate his Piano Concerto No. 9 something like the more recent X-Files (90s show... i haven't watched the reboot...) Opening theme... Especially the tail end of the second movement... i knew i would get addicted to certain pieces of Mozart... sigh... and my studying has brought me to his music... far too much... I have began to enjoy and am addicted to his music... (i want more...)

I still have troubles appretiating a few Classical composers... due to the fact, Classical is soooooo bland, compared to Baroque and Romantic... but hey, i have noticed something... for every 2 epochs there is a kinda different off the wall epoch.

(an asterisk by the ones that are kinda strange in comparasion. In my own opinion since i love chromaticism.)

Medieval / Baroque / Classical* / Romantic / Modern / Impressionism* / Expressionism / Contemporary**

the two asterisk... being that it also has some really amazing ones... I mean Contemporary is probably still my favourite as recreative listen, among about half as many composers in the Romantic, and half that amount in Baroque then 1-5 from the others.

:O how did this get into this conversation, weren't we talking about the Piano Concerto?

Well, I guess, after recapping the entire post, I have found that it all kinda relates.

I have been listening to various Piano Concerti per day, I have kinda been stuck on listening to 3-5 of them for sure... and a few on repeat... while playing a game, while simply relaxing.

I really want to play Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 9 :O



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