06 Dec 2018

:O O wow, it has been a while since i posted.

...just some ramblings.

I haven't been around much. Now, if you have paid attention to my compositions, there is a significant change via the way I write now, I decided to have each stanza into a measure... so really it is 1/4th time of what i was writing before. *nods, It allows me more expression with out the limits of having the multimeasure slur notes.

So please consider Op. 1-16 to be my first period. And from Op. 17 till whenever i decide to do even greater things... to be my second period. if at the rate i am going, I may accidently obtain close to or equal status as a household name... in that case... the pronounciation... Cap paid it tea uh.

:O Am I over my head? maybe... but my second period is going to include (primarily) tributes to various composers...

Wait... my first period was learning basic music theory... and applications to my own work. (even though i knew a lot of it through experience of non-classical music... which in the non-classical music i have done more than Bach... at the very least. (although a lot has been deleted or lost... so I will just say I currently have 27 albums... (since one is simply a greatest hits... after 5 years.) So this could simply be included in my first period... or pre-first period.

So last year at this time, i was depressed, and I really had no reason to continue composing music. However, I happened to come accross a very interesting anime, which sparked my creativity again. Nodame Cantabile. After watching it, I searched for notation software... or at least somewhere I can find some notation paper. Since i felt it would be nice to use pen and paper, (this did not happen, however i have found the software... :D which at first the prescribed soundfonts sounded soooooo unnatural, it took me about a half a year to find one worthy, however, this didn't fully help. then i came across a website that grants some amazing soundfonts, even some that i used on the other program, along with better rock instruments. Good soundfonts, (where they sound authentic or close to it...) will do wonders and expand the criteria of what is needed for the piece to be known by the public... since there are more who prefer to listen rather than read... sadly.

Though through out the past year, I leveled up my music appretiation. Ask me what I think of Mozart last year at this time, you would get an uneducated response of "He is too mainstream." but now that I kinda found out how much of a child star he was... and how much of a trouble maker he was... it kinda helped my view of his music. I visually see what happens in music via expressions being portrayed.

Anyways, I have heard a lot this past year, thanks to the accessability of it all. Though there are a few that i have yet to listened to. I relate to a lot of the shut in composers... I do want to eventually enter into the music world physically, and learn Violin and maybe Cello. (i picked up the piano's inner workings fairly quickly... back when i had access to one... my family is not all that musical... and refused me instruments as a child, thinking that i couldn't make it in the music industry.)

Jokes on them, I guess... I can still at least notate, knowing how each instrument sounds effectively. I mean yeah they understand I work on my music nearly all my waking hours. Whether it is from composing, listening to other music, or simply studying a part i am currently trying to figure out.

Anyways, for the first few months of this year, I was simply learning of many composers most i had no idea existed, also found that chromaticism is really amazing. at a certain point i went ahead and restarted it all. threw out all the older works because they were overbearing and would require a lot of work to fix up.

After I caught up with my self, I started having strange ideas, inventions... yet they never would work individually, so i implemented them into a few works. (Op. 9, 11, and 12)

Then I got really busy with the Circa 2018 of non-classical music, along with my first symphony, and the later works.

but then i get the holy day seasonal depression, while i was working on Piano Sonata No. 2, it was originally gonna be Sorabji Length, around 2-3 hours, with a similar structure of his Piano Sonata No. 4 and Opus Clavicembalisticum. However I couldn't really do much.

And now a couple days ago or so, I ended up starting Piano Sonata No. 3 which was basically my feelings towards December Depression. I spent a day just trying to decide which key i wanted it in... Bb Minor, G Minor, D Minor, F Minor, E Minor... I narrowed it down to just G Minor and E Minor, what decided to make it G Minor is once i started composing, my family was all frantic and arguing with each other for some reason... So the first two crescendos happen to be when they were quite loud and had me stop for a moment... but the original idea is revisited later.

A friend from New Zealand, mentioned that the Sonata could easily be transcribed into a string quartet, he granted me the theme, along with the variation, which he granted me allowance of it's use. (so i used it as the repeated and the variation as the last few measures in the Adagio for Strings.) At the moment, I am transcribing the Brass Quintet for this. Which this piece will be one of the ones I am known by. Because it is simply Baroqueian in a sense of choosing your own adventure...



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