12 Jan 2018

My First Blog thingy

:3 a little about me.

So, as you may have known, Classical Music has been around for quite some time. Lately, I have become inspired to make some my self... I have done a bunch of music these past 6 years.

So I shall start on the chronological events that took place for me and music.

It was back in the year, 1994. (Ironic how that is probably the best year in the 90's for music a lot of epics came out around then.) I wanted to play the Trombone for school band, thanks to my cousin, (whom I looked up to was a Tombone player for school band.) Turns out, I was unable to obtain a Trombone, since my parents found out they are expensive. I cried. Also looking back on it, my life would have been far more enjoyable, if i were to start at a younger age playing Trombone.

Well, okay, this was only a minor excuse of what was bound to happen, by fate or destiny. Later on, from 1999-2003, I was exploring popular music... (if one would consider Insane Clown Posse as popular...) But I listened to the music, the cool kids were listening to, like Eminem, Slipknot, Metalica, Linkin Park. Then a few that i grew up listening to like Kiss, Boston, and Dido, among several others. I simply wrote lyrics, wishing that one day I could bust out a rhyme or make a song that would go on the top 100. I ended up with hundreds. But no way of making music. I mean who would listen to someone sorta rapping with no beat, no music, talking about stabbing everyone. (an ICP reference.)

Anyways, I ended up getting really depressed, and stopped writing lyrics, which I threw away about 95% of the lyrical compositions, The one that were left are in Book One. (which is found on the Official Capeditiea site... check my bio.)

It wasn't till 2006 when... to spare the details, this dude that I knew... who was illicit with me... while he was my mom's age. (the full story is in Book One as well.)

But, in 2005, it was that dude who expressed that I pick up the keyboard or piano. I later began to self teach my self with a 100USD yamaha keyboard. Which my dad, whom always didn't like me playing music, had me use headphones when practicing while he is home. Anyways, I ended up recording several improvs low quality, using the strings setting on the keyboard. (The Strings is my favourite section of a Symphony) I ended up starting my first Project, known as dENOTING Progression. (which has an ambiguous meaning behind it. but it was thought up by a friend.) But only did 3 albums worth of music.

Inbetween 2006 and 2010, I got into some crazy things. Inended up learning about some computer programs, and started using Fruity Loops. Which from there I started Out the Womb of Lilith, but only had a few songs before the Laptop I was using went kaput.

So I started writing, and ended up getting an ancient laptop from a guy who at the time ran the Local LGBT center. (I came out as trans in 2008. but no one here accepts... so i gotta put up with it. Sigh...)

Well, turns out I ended up getting the laptop I have now... back in 2012 and started a new project known as Lady Motas. Which was aggronoize. Went and did about 53 albums (some were as long as Sorabji's Opus Clavicebalisticum)

After a year. (which i put out an album every week or so... aggronoize is easy to make...) I ended up doing a three projects at once, they were Cyborg Nation (basically a more calm Lady Motas.) STA (Self-Titled Album) which was... well i am not so sure what it was... i guess a fusion of jazz, electro, and house. or something... the third was two symphonic poems, which the Project was called The Finale of Cyn. this third one was really going to be the last i make. and go out with some psuedoclassical. (...or a bang.)

But fate or destiny had better plans for me. They yelled at me, saying "YOU CANNOT QUIT MUSIC! YOU HAVE MUCH TO LEARN!"

After being yelled at by fate or destiny, I decided to do the Capeditiea Project. (which from 2014-2017 i ended up making hundreds of albums, deleting most of them. and ending up with having 22. for the abridged story.) At some point i ended up switching to linux and started using LMMS. (it was around the time Windows 10 was about to be released... i think 2015 or something)

I ended up, going all out with the (official) 22nd album, Liber CCCII, explaining how to express things in music.

Which at the time it was the 66th album. (which was only about 2 months before posting this.)

Now we are about at the point when I found out about this one program, musescore2. (a beautiful program if you know what you are doing. plus it also grants one to listen to their work (also export the song in various formats so you can test it and such, if you are still learning to read music... or if you just wanna enjoy it. though it does have it's downfalls, some things (as far as i know) like crescendos and ghost notes cannot be done.) (i will edit if i find out about it. which means i would abuse crescendoing. :D specifically, because it grants a beauty towards the song at the correct moments. which i hope i can find out how to do this before my next work... currently writing solos for competitions. no, just so there is an additional selection, also incase if i do plan on making Ghost Symphony a lifelike thing.)

Anyways, I was inclined to make Classical Music (primarily chamber music) for three reasons.

1. i love expressing visual ideas with music.

2. I watched an anime series titled Nadome Cantobile. (which Nadome and my self have a lot in common.)

3. I learned about Sorabji. Which when i heard his Organ Symphony No. 1, I was confused if I put on some of my own music...

I shall let you know, I will be the most prolithic composer of this century. :P






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